Thursday, August 29, 2013


"A Vision of Students Today" by Dr. Michael Wesch demonstrates the idea of technology changing how kids learn today and how that it affects their learning. He first starts off by going into how kids aren't usually paying attention during class instead they're either on Facebook or some other source of entertainment. After that he keeps going on about how students don't even show up to class anymore instead they just get all the information off the teachers websites and emails the homework in. But Michael also goes on about how it makes life easier that teachers don't have to keep moving around while teaching and that it cuts kids time in half since they can work on their homework online anytime anywhere. He keeps going on about how with technology you don’t even need textbooks anymore all you have to do is have a laptop or a tablet with you.
Dr. Wesch’s video “A Vision of Students Today” is clearly portraying to us that all of technology is better for our schooling. Now when you’re working over time at your job or have to go on a business trip you can never miss a day of schooling and can work from home. It makes it easier for kids to carry everything around because instead of having to lug around a backpack with 10 textbooks each day all they have to do is bring their computers or tablets around with them. This generation working with technology for school is making the country into a better nation because it is giving students more time to work wherever and whenever they want and to get stuff done and turn it in on time. Technology is making children today more proficient in time management and easier to keep up with school. This also shows us that without technology students all over the world would be unorganized and messy which would mean that they’re losing most of their assignments and that affects their grades. With all of it put into one place kids won't be losing all of their stuff all the time so they won't be doing so badly in the class. With technology all the notes are also on the web so they can always figure the problems out. That is how Dr. Wesch’s video “A Vision of Students Today” is showing students that technology is helpful to students and schools everywhere.

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  1. Wow- Spencer- there are some really good things you are doing in your summary. Great topic sentence, great examples, etc... Make sure to proofread, make sure to refer to author by last name (Wesch) rather than first name, and eliminate personal words.

    In your response, make sure to add a why to your topic sentence.Good clear well thoughtout examples.