Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reading/Writing August 21 2013

The word reading means to me is that we're doing a project because I don't usually read in my free-time. I think that we read for our entertainment or to prepare us for a future because no matter what job you chose to do or take it always involves reading in some part of it. Usually when I read I start to space off and over think stuff that's going on in my life at the time and then when I snap out of it I'm two chapters from where I last was and have to go back a read it again. When I get confused with a piece of writing I usually just skip over it and continue reading and don't really think about it. The hardest part of reading for me is usually trying to figure out what the words mean that I don't understand and I don't usually ask because that's embarrassing. I know that I am successful when I finish a book and remember almost everything about it because I actually read it and understood it. My role as a leader I think is to try and understand what the author is trying to tell us and try and see how is literature apply's to our life style.

The word writing means to me is that we're doing something creative and fun, it means fun and interesting and that anything we like can happen. We write so that other people can see our idea's and because everyone in the future will always have to write. Weather it's just for fun or for work or even for a project we always will have to write. When I write I usually zone out everything else around me and just focus on my writing and trying to make it good and interesting to read. When I get confused with a piece of writing I usually don't bug about it and just leave it alone. When it comes to writing it is hard for me to make it pop or interesting for other people to read. I know that I am successful with my writing when I am satisfied with my work and am happy with what I had wrote. My role as a writer is to try and make everything exciting and interesting to read and not have anything bland or boring. (even though that's how it normally turns out.)

The word thinking means imagination whenever I hear the word thinking it just reminds me of all our creative ideas and all of the stuff we can accomplish  just with our thoughts. We think to create scenario's  in our mind of what we think will happen or so that we can make our dreams a reality. Mainly when I think I over think everything and it usually keeps me awake at night because I'll start thinking of the worse case scenario's and keep having it go over and over in my mind. When I cant figure something out I usually will just ask someone for help with it unless I feel embarrassed about it then I'll just let it go without thinking about it. When it comes to thinking its hard for me to stay focused on one topic at a time, I'll be thinking about something and then it'll remind me of something else and I'll start thinking about that and so on. I know that I am successful when people are congratulating me on stuff. My role as a thinker is to explore and find out more about the world that other people haven't noticed and bring it to the light so I can share it with everyone.

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