Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bully- Redo

The video “Bully” By Lee Hirsch has become an epidemic because bullying has pushed kids to the point of not only hurting themselves but hurting others too. Bullying isn’t just when people push someone down or beat them up or have their lunch money stolen bullying is also calling people mean names and crushing their spirits or making hurtful rude comments. This documentary of bullying show’s people that there is bullying going on in the world and that it isn’t just a couple of kids in each school but more like the whole school bullying a couple of kids. It also helps people notice that if a person is a nobody that no one in the community will really care or stand up for the person getting bullied over if you're a politician kid or someone well known.
In the documentary “Bully” by Lee Hirsch demonstrates to people that the bullying is real and is happening and that the community or the school administrators won't care or help you unless if the problem becomes “big” enough in the society. Meaning that if someone is getting pushed around or called mean names nothing will happen until it reaches the point of suicide or assault. This leads people to believe that no matter what they do or what people they tell that no one can help them and the problem won’t cease to stop. Most adults try to make kids grow up too fast and deal with their own problems unless if its their own kids. Some school’s and officers do a great job of stopping bullying but mostly kids have to deal with it on themselves. Is it pride, fear, pain? Some tend to believe that it’s because they don’t know how to deal with the problem on their own so when they do go to adults for help and they don’t help they have nowhere else to turn. Soon people start to harm themselves or start hurting others starting a never ending circle of bullying. Lee Hirsch show’s us what is really happening in world and that bullying is really true and that people can stop it if they come together and face the problem. Hirsch show’s people that even though some of the teachers and parents in the community think that they’re making a difference even though they really aren’t. This leads people to think of new ways to stop bullying they can do differently to help stop bullying. People have started clubs and support groups, to try and help bullying but even if they do someone else will always be out there bullying. The truth behind it all is that even though you can have all the people in the world to stand up for you and help you get threw bullying the only person who can really get it to stop is the person getting bullied. Bullying is real and people can stop it all they really have to do is come together and stop taking it in silence.

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