Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What’s Wrong with the Teenage Minds” by Alison Gopnik is an article talks about teenagers that are growing up too fast or too slow teenagers. Some examples that Gopnik lists is that teenagers grow up faster than they use too by hitting puberty sooner then they used to and that sometimes they overestimate their rewards. Gopnik has done some research and wrote in the article that the reason why teens are hitting puberty earlier than they did in the past is because they  aren’t being as active. Gopnik also said most kids don’t have chores or very little chores causing them to not have as much discipline. Gopnik has also seen that teens who said they wouldn’t drink and drive they end up in a drinking and driving accident. Teens are also applying for jobs at the age of 14-16 but they get turned down because they are still young or have no experience at all. Some teenagers are even starting to get internships at the age of seven. Kids overestimate their reward from trying to grow up, having too much confidence and learning from their mistakes. Kids are also making bad choices in life such as smoking, drinking, and not doing their homework. The kids underestimate that this is a huge risk of their future such as not being able to go to college, not planning time very well, and having a job they don’t want. These are just some of the things Gopnik has listed in her article “What Wrong with the Teenage Minds.”

Reading “What’s Wrong with the Teenage Minds” by Alison Gopnik really shocked me and caught me off guard. What Gopnik wrote in her article is true most teenagers that end up smoking or drinking below age don’t end up with the future or jobs that they had wanted. The reason most teenager will disagree with this is because they don’t talk about the successful teenager the one who have finished college and has gotten a successful job. Yes, they probably went to their adulthood late or came out with some bad grades but they also ended up graduating out of college and getting good jobs. Kids who are underestimating the risks of drinking or not doing homework are the ones that usually have a job that they probably hate. They probably can’t leave their parent’s house and haven’t been to college yet. For the conclusion of this Gopnik is trying to say teens are just growing up too fast so they can get respect from their parents. Were trying to say that we don’t get any freedom from our parents. Teens aren’t growing up how they used to because we don’t live in the same generation as our parents did. Now we have technology and more responsibilities and even more stress added on because we don't just get first degree from our parents we also get it from teachers. She doesn’t understand that most teenagers go into drinking and smoking because they’ve been taught that it takes off the stress of all the work they have to do and all of the stress they get from their parents.


  1. Spencer- we don't want to start topic sentences with "is about". Remember instead to use the main idea and a strong verb. You go into a lot of detail in your summary- keep it to the big ideas rather than all the details. End with a concluding sentence.

    With your response, make sure to add a why to your topic sentence, a more specific big idea, and eliminate your personal words. great passion in your writing. End with a concluding sentence.