Friday, November 1, 2013

PLN 7 "Machines are Us/ing Us"

Dr. Michael Wesch
Michael Wesch’s “Web 2.0…The Machine is us/ing us” demonstrates how computers are starting to use people once they post images and other comments on the internet.  At first glance this video by Wesch seems to just be talking about how people’s writing is faulty compared to machines typing. He then shows us and goes more into detail about what computers and machines can really do like web applications, HTML formats, and Google. From then on out Wesch show’s us how the machine is learning from us or using us. Every link we click or every website we visit is teaching the machine how to reopen new stuff or keep it saved. Making it seem like we are the machines teacher but as time goes on we rely more and more on the machine more than it relies on us.
Summary Response:
Michael Wesch’s “The Machine is us/ing us” show’s viewers the use of the Web can not only ruin peoples reputations but can also ruin their lives.  Michael Wesch shows people that every time someone posts a picture or video or a status on facebook that the web will always have it causing the machine to be smarter than people and to hold their secrets. He also tries telling people that we’ve become more dependant on using machines today than people ever have in the past warning people that they  need to be careful of what they post or say online. Dr. Wesch goes on by saying “We need to rethink love, family, ourselves.”. What he’s trying to tell people is that they need to think if the internet and web is actually helping them or changing them. The machine is becoming smarter than the user and people rely more on it than they did on one another. People are losing themselves online, on the web, and even in video games. Machines are the peoples new generation and people need to be more careful about what they post or use the internet for or they might lose themselves in it.

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  1. Good summary, but make sure that you aren't using personal words.

    Make sure your opinion is clear in your response topic sentence. Where are your examples to support your argument?